Visit Portugal: Road Trip Itinerary for Traveling Lisbon

A road trip may be an excellent way. Driving across the southern part of Portugal, you’ll be able to go through the nation’s magnificent beaches along the rocky coastline, historical cities with Roman influences, in addition to those cities that played a substantial role throughout the Age of Discoveries – on your schedule. I have come up with a trip since you make your way south to the Algarve to direct you from Lisbon on a road trip. If you want to explore Portugal or decide to live in the city, you must first get the Portugal Golden Visa .


evoraAs you go east from Sesimbra or even Lisbon, you will be driving through what’s called Portugal’s hub – Alentejo. The town will look like it is rising from the plains Since you approach Evora. The city of Evora has already been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and you will observe the reason if you are there. The town has homes decorated with tiles, in addition to monuments, Roman ruins. Out of Evora’s city walls, there is an aqueduct. Further out, a Megalithic website called Cromlech of Almendres will be referred to as the Stonehenge of Portugal and contains big granite monoliths and other stone buildings with a mark that back between 4000 and 2000 B.C.Additionally, only a few miles east is your Cave of Escoural, which has drawings of creatures from over 15,000 decades back! Other areas of interest nearby include Marvao, a medieval village overlooking the Spanish and Portuguese boundary, and Vila Viçosa – a city that appears to be produced completely of marble.

Faro Algarve

beachFaro also has a great deal to explore with many charming villages luxurious and near beach hotels and is the capital of Algarve. Faro has a global airport so that a road trip can start from here. I would recommend leasing a car to take into cities nearby, devoting one day to researching Faro and securing lodging a week. Places of interest nearby include: Albufeira Estoi Quinta do Lago Silves, Vale do Lobo and Vilamoura. Albufeira is among the most well-known destinations in Algarve due to its beaches and its highlight in a clifftop fishing village. If you are searching to escape substantial beach audiences, then visit Carvoeiro. Estoi is a superb day trip only 7 miles (11 kilometers ) from Faro and contains some interesting Roman ruins. Monchique is a place with unspoiled all-natural beauty and includes a renowned spa complex that is thought to possess curative powers and has been used since Roman times.