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Top Most Causes of Chapped Lips

We all feel bad when we have dry skin, however, the feeling of having chapped, dry lips is worse and traumatizing. The feeling is so hard to forget, and it’s stressing. But you may not know what’s making your lips chapped. Wind exposure and harsh weather that leads to chapped lips. But there are other causes of chapped lips you should worry about as well. Below you will get to know some of the elements that make your lips chapped.


toothbrush with toothpasteDifferent kinds of toothpaste have the ingredient known as sodium lauryl sulfate which can be irritating causing chapped lips. So if you are suffering from chapped lips consider changing your toothpaste, but also check on other kinds of products you can apply on your lips. Avoid products that contain dehydrating alcohol.


Your lips don’t have oil glands like your skin and because of this they can get dry and chapped easily. Dry lips are one sign that your body is dehydrated. Lack of enough water in your body will make your lips dry and chapped. More so, doing activities such as motor boating and skiing which include wind and UV rays exposure can cause water loss and chapped lips.

Mouth Breathing

Maybe you have nasal allergies. Perhaps you might have noticed that your lips get chapped when you have flu or cold because it makes you breath using your mouth when sleeping. When air passes over your lips regularly, it makes them dry. Mostly, people who have sleep apnea or snore have this issue, and they always wake up with dry lips. During such situations, it’s advisable that you keep your lips well moisturized all the time, mostly before you retire to bed at night.

Medical Conditions

You will learn that autoimmune diseases can make your lips to be more sensitive to the sun hence result in chapped lips. It’s then essential that you use lip balm if you have the autoimmune disease. Besides, thyroid disease also causes chapped lips. More so, people with downs syndrome have chapped and dry lips as well. You should then be keen on all other symptoms and make sure you consult an expert to assist you out.


Licking Your Lips

soft lipsMostly, we tend to lick our lips when they feel chapped and dry. But after licking them, they will become dry again after a short while then you will lick them again. Which turns into continuous dehydration of your lips, since your saliva will evaporate, moisture from your lips disappears making your lips more chapped than before. Your lips will become rough and dry so you should avoid this habit to prevent chapped lips.

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Essential Natural Remedies for Ulcers Treatment

Suffering from ulcers is one thing that is so painful. You can suffer from ulcers as a result of overusing painkillers like aspirin and ibuprofen. You can treat ulcers with medications and antibiotics to block and reduce stomach acid. More so, with the necessary treatment process, it has also been proven that there are lots of affordable natural home remedies you can use to reduce stomach ulcers and even cure it.

Consult your doctor on how you can add these remedies to your diet. If you happen to be suffering from ulcers, you can use the following home remedies.


white cabbageI know you may not like cabbage because it’s not the flashiest kind of vegetable, but it has excellent healing abilities. Cabbage assists to protect the lining of your stomach and your intestines and even gets rid of the bacteria that result to ulcers. Eat some raw cabbage each day, or you can make a healthy juice. Consuming four cups of raw cabbage on a regular basis can cure peptic ulcers within a week. Consider choosing fresh green cabbage to treat your ulcers.


Onions are also suitable for ulcer treatment. And because they are readily available, you can buy lots of them. Though onions can give you gas, they are also essential for stopping the development of ulcer-causing bacteria that in time it can increase the risk of suffering from stomach inflammation and it might result in stomach cancer. To prevent this you should slice your onion and add it to your sandwiches and salads, and you shouldn’t fry the onions to avoid stomach upset.


It’s the most used natural home remedy to cure different illnesses, and it’s also vital for treating stomach ulcers. If possible, you can consume some cloves of garlic on a daily basis to keep the level of bacteria in your gut controlled. Additionally, you can also mix some raw honey and chopped fresh garlic. Honey helps to reduce the taste of garlic.


We all go wild for yogurt for its sweetness and other many good reasons. Yogurts have active cultures, bifid bacterium, and lactobacillus that aids in digestion by balancing out both good bacteria with harmful bacteria. Yogurts can be highly helpful if you are on antibiotics because they help to replenish all good bacteria eliminated from your body by the medicines preventing diaorrehea.


a cup of tea and a kettleYou should know that is not healthy if you already have ulcers, but tea is very crucial to your ulcers. Also, chamomile and peppermint teas are good anti-inflammatories that help to soothe the ulcer pain and heal it as well. Prepare your tea and leave until its warm then stir some raw honey to sweeten the tea.